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POLITICAL DISH ​​​​​​​​​​​


​Political Dish served up provocative conversations, as political insiders including William Safire, Michael McCurry, Ed Rollins, Leslie Stahl, Bob Herbert, Carter Eskew, and Melanie McElroy discussed the Presidential Election and other political hot topics. Hosted by NY Times reporter Todd Purdum, this series put a new spin on political talk, as esteemed guests discussed politics while enjoying a good meal. BARD produced and directed this unique series for the Discovery Times Channel, a partnership of Discovery and The New York Times.



​Dr. Joy Browne was a licensed clinical psychologist who had the longest-running call-in therapy show in the United States. She was also the author of numerous books on life and dating. Discovery Health simulcast a daily, one hour, behind-the-scenes look at her radio show, which was directed by Annette Jolles for BARD Entertainment.

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